Castles & Crusades – The Clashing Blades Campaign Log #4

The Clashing Blades Campaign
Episode Four
Castles and Crusades Rules
Kingdoms of Kalamar Setting

Real Date = 4 March 2018 Sunday

Game Date = Arid 9, 744 Y.N.D. ( Year of New Discovery )

Cast of Characters

Player Characters ( all first level )

Kevin Male Human Knight Sir Erwynn Erodarr
Marvin Male Human Wizard Baylan Dandyfellow
Shanna Female ½ Elf Ranger Lyanna of the Shadows

NPCs that are joining the party for an unspecified length of time ( all first level )

Male ½ Orc Barbarian Danga just some more muscle
Female High Elf Druid Leattra magical support
Male ½ Elf Elf Bard Valyndor comic relief

Other notable NPCs
Male Kalamaran Human Baron Erasdol Ruler of the city of Balelido, super patriot


Pre-Session – That morning, north of Tiwidu, Imperial Highway

The three Drovers are ambushed by four rogues on the way to Balelido. The drovers are in a cart, drawn by a draft horse. The cart contains a coffin with the body of Raina in it. The party hired the Drovers to take Raina’s body to the church of The Old Man so she can get raised. Anyway, four 1st level Rogues, each with short sword, vs 3 1st level fighters, each with hand axes. Long story short, at the end of round four of combat we have four dead rogues and 3 fighters, who are very much alive. They continue on the road to Balelido.


8:00 AM – We begin the session with Baylan, who is still in lockup from the previous night. The local city watch turn him loose a bit later, as some of Bemolo’s men come over and tell them that he is actually working for Bemolo at this time. Baylan cuts out and heads back to the Shaky Salamander to get cleaned up.

Lyanna and Draygarr the psuedo-dragon leave the House of the Blue Sky healing church and also head to their suite of rooms at the Shaky Salamander. When they leave, Sir Erwynn is still there, unconscious, resting and healing from his battle the previous day when he and Baylan took on a mummy. After a fashion, one of the acolytes comes over and uses her healing spells on Sir Erwynn, and he is feeling a bit better. More donations in the box, and back to work.

10:00AM – The gang is all here. Everyone in the party is in the main tavern room at the Shaky Salamander. Stories of the last few days are exchanged, everyone meets Lyanna, the party gets caught up on the latest news. Lady Fenire and Birel Rilas come in for brunch, and chat with the party.

Lady Fenire and Birel tell Sir Erwynn that there is, indeed, yet another house they know of for sale, although they do not know its’ location. They do know the Earl owns it. So Sir Erwynn, Lyanna, Draygarr the psuedo-dragon, Danga, and Valyndor head to the Earl’s house to beg audience. They get that audience, and manage to buy a fixer-upper two-story wattle and daub from the Earl for 850 silver pieces. The group has a base camp now !


Baylan and Rhiaggha, a cute little Gnome in black leather armor that likes to drink that has been hanging out with Baylan and Val once in a while, tells Baylan to head out with her to a shop in town to buy something, I forget what exactly. Anyway, they walk a few blocks over and Rhiaggha tells Baylan to step up on the porch and knock on the door. The Castle Keeper ( me ) calls for a perception roll from Baylan. Wouldn’t you know it, Baylan rolls a natural 20 for perception. He sees Rhiaggha unholster two wicked daggers, a view he manages to catch from out of the corner of his eye. He turns and is in melee combat. He immediately resorts to quarterstaff, and he can’t cast in melee, and a vicious combat ensues. Rhiaggha slices into Baylan twice, staggering him. She then shouts ‘Baldric Badspur sends his best !’ Turns out she’s not a rogue, she’s an assassin, and ( probably ) has been hired to kill Baylan. Long story short, Baylan gets a lucky hit in on Rhiagga, and knocks her out. He then precedes to use his belt to tie her hands up. He bandages her wounds, removes her boots ( ? ) and all her money, and carries her to the other end of town, to the town guard station. He gives her to the guards, telling them his story. A couple other townies had actually beaten Baylan to the cop shop, and they told the same story, that the little gnome had attacked the annoying gentleman. Baylan takes his leave, and heads to the healing house. They bring him in and get him settled down.

2:00PM or so – the group checks out their new digs, then heads to Bemolo’s house. She tells Sir Erwynn that he can go get his horse and stable it in her stables, a couple houses down from the party’s new headquarters.

A couple of city guardsmen show up and tell Sir Erwynn that he will be getting a cut, ten percent, from the sale of the little gnome assassin that tried to kill Baylan. There is a slave auction in two days, and after she sells, he can show up at Kynthla’s to claim his bounty.

This bothers Sir Erwynn mightily, for he is very much against slavery. He has gone out into the world as a young untested Knight of Kalamar for the very purpose of righting wrongs, setting the people free, and flying the flag for Kalamar. While slavery is still very much illegal in Kalamar, it might not be in all parts of the Imperium. In countries like Tarisato, the occupied country is run by about 14 or so minor nobles. Each noble sets the laws in his or her fiefdom, and about half of them have declared slavery, or some form of it, legal.

Sir Erwynn decides to sleep on it. He knows that Earl Essamar has declared that Tiwidu is a slave fiefdom. He does not know what to do yet.

3:00PM or so – Lyanna of the Shadows, Draygarr the psuedo-dragon, and Sir Erwynn head down to this large board in what passes for a town square, to see if they can find tradesmen to hire to help fix up their new home. While there, they notice that this big tree in the main town square area is an acorn tree. Acorns, as in what is being used to poison the food of Bemolo’s livestock. They head back to their new home.

Experience Pts

Sir Erwynn 350

Baylan 450

Lyanna 350

All other party members 300