This is a 5th Edition Dark Champions game set in the Hudson City area.  That’s the main setting that Hero Games uses for Dark Champions.

Our world is a bit different, in that no super beings exist, nor is there magic.  There is no super-science or mutants per se, although there are a few higher-end gadgets running around.  Mostly, it’s a game where highly-motivated and/or highly trained humans wage a vigilante war against villains, gangs, and injustice everywhere.

The player characters are built on 250 points, 150 points plus another 100 in disadvantages.  There are two main characters, my young teen son who plays Teen Windwolf and my grade school son who plays Star Hammer.  The game is pretty much rated ‘G’ at this point, so it is very unlike all the other Dark Champions games I used to run.

Most vigilantes have a car, truck, van, or motorcycle, plus a secret lair or base of some kind.  It could be anything, a rented room to an HQ under a mansion.

Teen Windwolf runs a dojo in the northern part of Mint Ridge, which is west of LeMastre Park.  Star Hammer owns a Game & Hobby store.  Both vigilante heroes have one car each, but they both want to expand their garage as time goes on.

Ground rules for the Two Brothers Dark Champions Campaign
1. No primary characteristic over 18
2. No CHA Maxima in disads for 0 points
3. No superpowered characters exist, this is a normal modern universe
4. All PCs are to have a 4 speed, agents have a 3 speed, normals have a 2 speed, and elderly and children have a 1 speed
5. Worn armor maximum to 8pd or 8ed, or 6pd/6ed if character is a martial artist. Must be through a focus
6. PCs start at 150 points plus up to another 100 pts from Disads
7. Attack powers cannot exceed 50 active points
8. Movement powers cannot exceed 10″ combat running.
9. Characters probably need a vehicle of some sort.
10. Secret base or bolthole is also a good idea.
11. Sill level rolls cannot exceed 16- to start the game.
12. You must play a male toon if a male human, and female toon if a female human.
13. No powers on your character unless through a focus.  Modern normal tech only, no super gadgets.
14. Animal companions are okay, bought as Followers as usual.
15. Cannot exceed normal characteristic maxima, even through the use of double points buys.

Thanks for reading about our adventures in Hudson City !!      Hero Games / Hudson City is copyright and owned by Hero Games.  Consider purchasing and playing the Hero system, it is excellent.