Castles & Crusades – The Clashing Blades Campaign Log #5

The Clashing Blades Campaign
Episode Five
Castles and Crusades Rules
Kingdoms of Kalamar Setting

Real Date = 25 March 2018 Sunday

Game Date = Arid 10, 744 Y.N.D. ( Year of New Discovery )

Cast of Characters

Player Characters ( all first level )

Kevin Male Human Knight Sir Erwynn Erodarr
Marvin Male Human Wizard Baylan Dandyfellow
Shanna Female ½ Elf Ranger Lyanna of the Shadows

NPCs that are joining the party for an unspecified length of time ( all first level )
Male ½ Orc Barbarian Danga just some more muscle
Female High Elf Druid Leattra magical support
Male ½ Elf Elf Bard Valyndor comic relief

Other notable NPCs
Lady Fenire and Birel Rilas, a young minor noblewoman and her aide


Arid 10, 744 YND

8:00 AM – We begin with a census of the adventuring party so far. Sir Erwynn, Baylan Dandyfellow, Lyanna of the Shadows, Danga, Valyndor, Leattra, Sharpwing the hawk, Draygarr the psuedo-dragon, and Bill the horse

Sir Erwynn hires Conroy the Cook, a slightly crazed halfling cook to live at House Erodarr and cook all the meals for the team. He is going to pay him 3 gold a month, I think. Everyone spends the day sharpening weapons, mending armor, and getting their kit in gear for the coming dungeon delve in a day.

Arid 11, 744 YND

8:00 AM – Conroy serves everyone a nice hot healthy breakfast on the first floor of House Erodarr.

9:00 AM – the party leaves the House, and the town of Tiwidu, for the area that Lady Fenire has asked them to go. They seek an ancient heirloom necklace that has been in her family for generations. She will pay them well for its’ return.

The party marches south out of Tiwidu on the Imperial Highway. They encounter a couple small trade caravans heading north. At about 11:30AM they come to an area where they turn off of the road and head east. It is an area where all of the forest just kind of thins out and turns to a steppe land, mostly flat with some small rolling hills here and there.

After a couple miles’ march, the party sees a group of humanoids in the distance, thanks to a patrolling Sharpwing the hawk, Baylan’s familiar. Both groups kind of head toward each other. Turns out there are six goblins, looking like a small patrol force.

Baylan casts a sleep spell on them, and they all fall down, fast asleep. Danga runs up and slices all their throats, killing them.

2:00 PM – the party is still travelling east when Sharpwing tells the Baylan that six more goblins approach. These are not wearing reddish bits of cloth and armor, they are dressed mostly in dark green. The party begins a quick move toward the goblins. Baylan casts Sleep on them, but two do not drop. They begin to exchange missile fire with their short bows with Lyanna and Lyattra. The goblins that were not put to sleep scream and cackle to wake up their comrades, which they do.

Leattra and Lyanna open up with short bows as the two groups close on each other while Baylan moves up for Quarterstaff combat. Danga and Sir Erwynn reach the goblins first. Sir Erwynn swings and criticals a goblin, killing it instantly, then whirls about and cleaves another in twain. Danga the half-orc barbarian, clad in his hide armor, runs up and kills a goblin dead with one slash from his broad sword. Valyndor gets run through by a goblin short sword, and gets his spleen ruptured. He vomits up bile and breakfast. Valyndor the bard is out of the combat. Three goblins left, and Valyndor is out of combat for what will be weeks.

The other party members engage in ranged and spell combat. Nothing of consequence happens until Danga swings with his broadsword and shatters a long chip out of it, which flies up and hits him in the face. He drops his sword and trips, falling on it, impaling himself through the throat. He gurgles his life out on the ground in front of a goblin.

Lyanna attacks, misses with an arrow. Sir Erwynn gets second critical hit on a goblin, murdering it Kalamar style. Lyanna and Draygarr move in to melee combat and attack. Lyanna attacks, but Draygarr manages to get his poison-sting tail stuck in a chink of goblin ring-mail, and it won’t come out. He gets furious. The goblin hacks at Draygarr, managing to hurt him a bit.

We now have Baylan and Leattra the elven druid fighting one goblin in melee combat, and Sir Erwynn, Lyanna and Draygarr on the second remaining goblin.

Sir Erwynn crits the one he is engaged with, killing it. Draygarr un-sticks his tail from the armor and calms down a bit. Baylan takes a short-sword thrust to the body, getting hurt, but then Lyattra kills the last one.

One dead and one incapacitated party member for a total on the day of twelve dead goblins from what looks like two different tribes. Sir Erwynn takes Danga’s dagger to keep as a reminder of the half-orc that he called friend. They gather up 12 short swords, and decide not to attempt the dungeon today. They head back to Tiwidu.

About 5PM or so they limp back in to Tiwidu, and of course head to the Church of the Blue Sky to drop off Valyndor. He’ll be unable to adventure for a few weeks while his critical damage heals up. Everyone then heads back to House Erodarr. Lyattra casts Goodberry a few times, getting Sir Erwynn and Baylan back up to what passes for close to healed, and then they begin to rest from the grueling day.

EXP POINTS = 300 each for Baylan, Sir E, Lyanna, Leattra, and Val.