Castles & Crusades – The Clashing Blades Campaign Log #3

The Clashing Blades Campaign
Episode Three
Castles and Crusades Rules
Kingdoms of Kalamar Setting

Real Date = 25 February 2018 Sunday

Game Date = Arid 8, 744 Y.N.D. ( Year of New Discovery )

Cast of Characters

Player Characters ( all first level )

Kevin Male Human Knight Sir Erwynn Erodarr
Marvin Male Human Wizard Baylan Dandyfellow
Shanna Female ½ Elf Ranger Lyanna of the Shadows

NPCs that are joining the party for an unspecified length of time ( all first level )

Female Halfling Rogue Raina Knows the Erodarr family, a trusted friend to the House
Male ½ Orc Barbarian Danga just some more muscle
Female High Elf Druid Leattra magical support
Male ½ Elf Elf Bard Valyndor comic relief

Other notable NPCs
Male Kalamaran Human Baron Erasdol Ruler of the city of Balelido, super patriot


10AM – Lyanna of the Shadows, the half-elven Ranger, is on her way to meet her party. She has been told they were to meet at the hamlet of Tiwidu. She is on the Imperial Highway south of Balelido when she encounters battle noises off to the side of the road. She stealths up to it, and sees a small pseudo-dragon in combat with three goblins.

Lyanna engages the goblins. The psuedo-dragon manages to kill two of the goblins, and Lyanna barely manages to drop one, but is pretty gravely wounded.

Lyanna binds the psuedo-dragons’ wounds, and the two of them walk the last few miles to Tiwidu.

10:30AM Lyanna arrives at the city gates of Tiwidu, from the north. The gate guards immediately escort her to the House of the Blue Sky for extensive healing. When she arrives, she is greeted by Raina, who is there to check up on Leattra the druid.

Meanwhile, Baylan Dandyfellow is following a hunch. He excused himself from the big breakfast at the Shaky Salamander Inn and Tavern, and went to check out Kynthla’s pen. He finds a few acorn husks on the ground, but detects nothing magical.

Sir Erwynn gathers his crew that is in the Inn around him, after saying good-day to the Lady Fenire and the Earl, and meets up in the street around the Shaky Salamander. Just at that time, Baylan is coming back from his sluething run, and Leattra, Raina, and Lyanna are walking south on the main street as well. They all see each other and meet up in the street. A few of the townsfolk that are around are intrigued at the gathering, but soon notice that it is run by that new noble that just showed up, so they look away.

Sir Erwynn, Baylan, Raina, Lyanna, Leattra, Valyndor, Danga, Sharpwing the hawk and the psuedo-dragon all meet in the street to compare notes. Sir Erwynn decides to go have a talk with the other large cattle baron in town, and the rival of Kynthla, named Bemolo.

They arrive at Bemolo’s house, and sit on her porch and have a discussion. After exchanging pleasantries and some notes, Bemolo asks the party to please look in to the cause of her afflicted cattle. Sir Erwynn says he is on the case.

Sir Erwynn, Baylan, Lyanna, Sharpwing, psuedo-dragon, and Raina head to the area of Bemolo’s cattle pens, to track around and see what they can find. The rest of the party go to their rooms at the Shaky Salamander to study, rest, do maintenance on weapons and armor, that sort of thing.

The group tracks around, but does not find anything around the pens. They go to the houses north of the pen, and talk to the people in them. They meet the Drovers, who tell them the house next to theirs is empty. Sir Erwynn thinks it might be a good base of operations for the group. They leave the drovers’ home, and step up to the empty house.

Raina picks the lock easily. It is weird that it is a brand-new expensive lock on a crappy house, but oh well.

The party steps in. They are jumped by four very large spiders. The spiders get initiative, and attack !! Spider One attacks Raina. It jumps up and stabs her through the eye with its’ stabby mouth parts, which penetrates her eye, optic nerve, and brain. She falls lifeless to the ground of the house.

Spider Two attacks Sir Erwynn. It runs at him – too fast !! It smashes its’ skull against the armored boot of Sir Erwynn and dies.

Spider Three attacks Baylan and misses due to his dancer-like show-tune trained moves.

Spider Four attacks Lyanna, biting her and ingesting her with poison. She seems to be okay for a moment, though. She fights on.

Baylan attacks and kills Spider Three. Sir Erwynn steps over the corpse of Raina and smokes Spider One. Lyanna attacks Spider Four, and manages to shatter her long sword. A shard from the sword flies into her left eye, blinding her and destroying the eye. Then the psuedo-dragon stings Spider Four and kills it. Someone kills the last spider, and the combat is mercifully over. How do you like those critical hit tables?

Baylan and Sir Erwynn take the corpse of Raina and the crippled person of Lyanna to the Church of the Blue Sky for healing and last rites. Raina is, indeed, dead.

Sir Erwynn travels to the Drovers’ house and makes a deal with the Drovers to take the body of Raina back to Kalamar for a professional raising. Baylan remembers a long crate in the house they fought the spiders in a few minutes ago. Baylan and Sir Erwynn run back and open the crate, and a mummy jumps out. After a few rounds of combat, Sir Erwynn is on the ground unconscious, and it is Baylan versus a wounded mummy. Baylan drops the mummy, and heads to the Church of the Blue Sky to drop off Sir Erwynn.

Baylan then takes the crate to the Drovers so they can head out. Baylan then dresses up like a hobo and stakes out the cattle pen. He is seen by two of Kynthla’s guards, who go to the city watch. They tell the watch that one of the weird new people in town is dressed like a hobo and staking out the cattle pen of Kynthla. The guards head over, corral Baylan, and take him to the town lockup for the night. What a grand day of adventuring.



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