Dark Champions – Two Brothers Campaign Log 2

Dark Champions

The Two Brothers Campaign

Real Date: 02 DEC 2017, Saturday

Game Date: 02 DEC 2017, Saturday

Adventure Log #002

02 December 2017, Saturday – 09:00 AM

Lee Shelton ( Star Hammer ) is at Russell Mandy’s ( Teen Windwolf ) dojo working out. Lee is using the heavy bag and lifting heavy weights, and Russell is teaching sparring with some other students. Besides the two secret heroes, there are four other students working out in the dojo, doing extra training.

Joey and Andrew are current students at the school ( Mandy Martial Arts Academy ). There is a girl named Mindy and another man named Seamus working out. Russell spars with a couple of the students while Lee acts as referee.

After the Saturday morning workout session is complete, the pair close the dojo, tell everyone goodbye, and drive their cars to Rosie’s Café, which is about halfway between Lee’s game store and Russell’s dojo. Lee drives his 2016 Camaro SS, and Russell takes his 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z28 in medium orange.

Around 11:30 AM, while the boys are finishing up a late breakfast, Russell looks out the window and sees a familiar car. He spies the blue modified Challenger that the Iron Crew drive around. Russell notices that the man in the passenger seat is Bruiser Billy Bo. He and Lee pay the waitress for the food, and exit the building, heading for their Camaros.

The Challenger pulls away from the traffic light outside of Rosie’s Café, and heads south. The two heroes start their cars, and follow at a discrete distance, trying to shadow the Challenger.

The Challenger drives to the mall a few blocks away. The Iron Crew gets out. Quickstrike, Two-Gun Ron, Bruiser Billy Bo, and Crowbar enter the mall and immediately threaten everyone in the small mall. Quickstrike and the rest of the Iron Crew start gathering up money from the shoppers.

Teen Windwolf and Star Hammer race inside, and run in to a display tent and start to change into their fighting togs. Meanwhile, the Iron Crew continue to threaten people and rob them.

Teen Windwolf and Star Hammer burst from the tent in their hero costumes. Teen Windwolf sprints up to Crowbar and punches him hard, shaking him up. The Iron Crew is warned! Full combat ensues.

Star Hammer runs out and gets kicked hard by Bruiser Billy Bo. Two-Gun Ron grabs a kid from his mom and shoves a gun to his head, meaning to take him hostage. Quickstrike grabs some people in an athletic apparel shop, and Crowbar swings his iron crowbar at Star Hammer, missing him. Bruiser Billy Bo kicks Teen Windwolf hard enough to stun him.

Star Hammer pounds Crowbar with his hammer, staggering Crowbar hard. Crowbar was running out to get the car for a quick getaway, but he is almost dropped to his knees by the hammer blow. Teen Windwolf gets up and kicks Bruiser Billy Bo. Two Gun Ron threatens to kill the kid he’s holding, but is ignored.

Teen Windwolf pounds Bruiser Billy Bo, knocking him unconscious. Star Hammer pounds Crowbar into a coma. Crowbar goes skidding across the floor, slamming into a brick and concrete tree planter which stops his slide.

It is now two on two. Quickstrike leaves the athletic store, and engages Teen Windwolf in martial arts combat. The two exchange several blows, which end up with Quickstrike seeming to get the upper hand on Teen Windwolf. Teen Windwolf is close to going down, but then Star Hammer runs up to Quickstrike and absolutely murders him with his massive hammer. Quickstrike falls, knocked out for hours. Teen Windwolf turns to Bruiser Billy Bo and side-kicks his ribs, breaking them on one side. Billy Bo falls to the ground, out of action.

Two-Gun Ron, meanwhile, throws the kid he was holding hostage down, and runs out, getting away. The crowd in the mall cheer Teen Windwolf and Star Hammer. The two heroes then run out, find a place to change clothes a couple blocks away, and then return and grab their cars and head out.

EXP Pts = 4 Each ( TWW, SH )


  1. Bruiser Billy Bo took 6 body
  2. Crowbar took a total of 72 stun
  3. Quickstrike took 6 body
  4. The only member of the Iron Crew to get away was Two-Gun Ron. The others were apprehended by the Hudson City Police.