Dark Champions – Two Brothers Campaign Log 1

Dark Champions

The Two Brothers Campaign

Real Date : 25 NOV 2017, Saturday

Game Date: 25 NOV 2017, Saturday

Adventure Log #001

25 NOV 2017, Saturday – 11:52 AM

Russell Mandy (Teen Windwolf) is on his way to eat lunch with his friend Lee Shelton ( Star Hammer ). Lee pulls his 1988 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z in medium orange to the curb in front of Rosie’s Cafe. A few seconds later, Russell pulls up in his 2016 Camaro SS and parks behind the 3rd Gen of Lee’s. They both get out and walk inside Rosie’s Cafe.

Russell and Lee sit down in a booth by the window. Russell orders a cheeseburger and fries. Lee orders the same, and then adds some pretzel bites appetizers. The waitress leaves to get their food.

The two friends sit in the booth and look out the window while they wait. The waitress brings the pretzel bites, and then the two start to eat. Russell looks out the window to the street, and thinks he sees someone he knows.

After thinking for a second, Russell recognizes a street thug named Two-Gun Ron. Two-Gun is on a motorcycle, a yellow sport bike of some kind. Russell watches as Two-Gun pulls the bike into the alley beside the bank across the street. Russell tells Lee that a known criminal has shown up, however he has not done anything illegal. The two vigilantes keep watching.

Two-Gun Ron leaves the alley, headed for the front door of the bank. While he is walking up to the door, a Dodge Challenger roars up. It’s a custom light-blue in color, and has been obviously lowered. The air dam and other cues speak to upgraded handling.

Out of the Challenger leap two other men. Russell and Lee recognize them as Crowbar and Bruiser Billy Bo.

The two men join Two-Gun Ron, and the trio enter the bank at a dead run. It’s an obvious bank heist. The three men are known to run in a gang called the Iron Crew. The leader of the Crew does not appear to be around.

The two vigilantes get up and throw the waitress some money to pay for the food, saying they have to run. They exit the door, and join some other foot traffic as they cross the street to the same side as the bank is on. They head for the alley where Two-Guns’ motorcycle is parked, and quickly change into their fighting togs.

Less than a half-minute later, the members of the Iron Crew run out of the bank, carrying money bags. Star Hammer and Teen Windwolf run toward them. Teen Windwolf runs up to the back of the Challenger and takes cover. Star Hammer runs up and swings his Titanium-Osmium asteroid alloy Star Hammer at Crowbar, and hits Crowbar so hard he stuns him.

The Iron Crew gang retaliate. Crowbar is shaken up, and steadies himself to clear his head. Two-Gun Ron advances on Star Hammer and shoots at him with one of his .45 Race guns. He shoots wide, most likely because he was running while firing.

Bruiser Billy Bo pulls his .357 Revolver and shoots at Teen Windwolf, but misses badly, as the martial artist was dodging.

Teen Windwolf stands up from his crouch and fast-strikes Bruiser Billy Bo, tagging him but not hard as he punched Billy in the armor.

Star Hammer swings at Crowbar, almost knocking him out. Only Crowbar’s armor and luck saved him.

Two-Gun Ron decides to get the heck out of dodge. He runs around to the passenger side of his car, and opens the door. He’s going to bug out.

Crowbar is hurt, and almost knocked out. He pulls out his Grappling-Gun Pistol and shoots the top of the bank building, riding the pistol up as its’ one-use motor grinds him up to the roof. He’s going to run.

Bruiser Billy Bo holsters his .357 and holds his left hand up toward Teen Windwolf. He activates a stun dart that hits Teen Windwolf, almost stunning him.

Teen Windwolf is done being nice, and aims a brutal side-kick at Bruiser. He misses, as Bruiser breathes a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Star Hammer runs over to Two-Gun Ron and swings his hammer at him, smashing his shoulder, and doing real bone damage. Two-Gun is bleeding, and wants to escape.

Two-Gun Ron jumps in Crowbar’s Challenger and roars the engine to life. Bruiser Billy Bo whiffs an attack.

Teen Windwolf pulls out an Ingram MAC-10 Submachinegun, and shoots the left rear tire on the car. The wide Run-Flat takes the hits, almost going down but barely hanging in there. Star Hammer knocks Bruiser Billy Bo out, hitting him hard with the Star Hammer and watching as Billy goes skidding across the street.

Two-Gun Ron punches the Challenger’s go-pedal and rockets out of the area, cutting a great 60-foot and not stopping. Crowbar is long gone, having run across the bank building and down a gutter. He disappeared south, heading toward the river that runs through the middle of Hudson City.

Teen Windwolf and Star Hammer access the situation. The bank alarm is going off, and the Hudson City police are probably en route right now. They run down the alley, and Star Hammer swings his hammer at the yellow sport bike of Two-Guns’, bashing one of the handle bars. They run two blocks, and then change clothes into their civvie togs. They take their time swinging around to Rosie’s Cafe, and get their cars and take off. They both head to Teen Windwolfs’ Dojo.

End of Issue


Teen Windwolf and Star Hammer – 3 each

Iron Crew – 2 each