Castles & Crusades – The Clashing Blades Campaign Log #1

The Clashing Blades Campaign

Episode One

Castles and Crusades Rules

Kingdoms of Kalamar Setting

Real Date = 29 OCT 2017, Sunday

Game Date = Arid 5, 744 Y.N.D. ( Year of New Discovery )

Cast of Characters

Player Characters ( all first level )

Kevin Male Human Knight Sir Erwynn Erodarr

Marvin Male Human Wizard Baylan Dandyfellow

Shanna Female ½ Elf Ranger Lyanna of the Shadows

NPCs that are joining the party for an unspecified length of time ( all first level )

Female Halfling Rogue Raina Knows the Erodarr family, a trusted friend to the House

Male ½ Orc Barbarian Danga just some more muscle

Female High Elf Druid Leattra magical support

Male ½ Elf Elf Bard Valyndor not sure

Male Gnome Monk Baldric Badspur front-line support

Other notable NPCs

Male Kalamaran Human Baron Erasdol Ruler of the city of Balekido, super patriot

We start the campaign with the loyal halfling Raina meeting up with Sir Erwynn, the young Knight of Kalamar, and his fellow young adventurer Baylan Dandyfellow, at the city gates of Balekido. She was directed by the Kalamaran military to now be an adventuring companion to the young Knight. Raina is loyal, and loves the Kingdom, and she's worked for the Erodarrs for quite some time during her training. She is honored to serve.

The wizard Baylan is young, but he is known to the Erodarr house, and so they trust him. Besides, his Master is a good friend with Baron Erodarr, young Erwynn's dad, so it is a logical team-up.

The first thing that Sir Erwynn wants to do is check-in with the local Baron. The three head to the Barracks, for that is where Baron Erasdol, friend to Sir Erwynn's father, has his residence.

The three are quickly granted an audience. The Baron knows of Raina, and has good things to say about her. In truth, Raina is known to many, as she loves the Kalamaran Empire and has served it well, even in such a short time as she has been out of training. The Wizard Baylan is less known, but the Baron knows that Baylan hails from the capital of Bet Kalamar, and was trained by a very loyal and powerful Kalamaran wizard.

The Baron Erasdol presents young Sir Erwynn with a silver Masterwork dagger complete with a finely-fashioned leather scabbard. Sir Erwynn is stunned and thanks the Baron profusely. The Baron smiles, as he knows that Sir Erwynn will uphold the traditions of Kalamar or die trying.

In truth, the Baron Erasdol is an old hard-line Empire kind of guy. His mental picture of Kalamaran destiny is that of a Kalamaran Knight standing with his foot on the throat of a groveling enemy while he lofts high a Kalamaran banner. The old Baron was involved in many wars of dominance when he was young, and misses the clangor of battle.

After the audience with the Baron, the three head to the small chapel that is connected to the barracks. There Sir Erwynn and Raina stop for a few minutes and pray to the Old Man, also known as the Tactician. Sir Erwynn asks for guidance in the coming weeks. Raina prays for a safe journey for all of their party. Baylan stands outside the temple, as he professes no allegience to any god or goddess. Baylan worships Baylan.

The three first-level adventurers then head to a tavern called the Mottled Halfling, where Raina has some other beginning adventurers gathered to be interviewed by the young Knight. Sir Erwynn leads his light warhorse by the bridle through the bustling town instead of riding it, since his companions are now not mounted, as Baylans' riding horse was taken to the military stables upon entering the city. It was a borrowed horse from the military so it was returned.

They enter the tavern, which is mostly empty except for a couple other paying customers on the other side of the establishment. Raina leads Sir Erwynn and Baylan over to the table where the four prospective team members are sitting.

Raina introduces Leattra, an elven druid, to the young Knight. He questions her for a few minutes. Leattra wears thick hides and carries a staff and short bow. She also knows a few spells that might come in handy in the future.

Raina then introduces Baldric Badspur, a gnome Monk. Baldric seems like a bit of a hot-head, but he is in excellent shape and says all the right things. Baldric eyes the Wizard Baylan with a small amount of dislike. Baldric cares not for mages, but says nothing yet.

Next up is Valyndor, who introduces himself as a wandering minstrel who composes ballads with his blades. Sir Erwynn notices that the half-elven bard is armed with a short sword and a dagger on his belt, but wears no armor save a fancy leather coat. Valyndor also wears a lovely hat with a feather riding on the brim, and a half-cape that is more affectation than weather protection. Valyndor fancies himself a swashbuckler.

The last of the four prospective adventurers is the most out of place, though not too bad here in Balekido, which is situated on the southern border of Kalamar. His name is Danga and he is a half-orc. Unlike most half-orcs, Danga is actually decently physically attactive, especially for a half-orc. His olive skin glides over his muscled barbarian frame, and his face is much more human than orc. He bows to the Knight, his hide armor making soft noises. His broadsword is strapped across his broad back. He indicates he is ready for adventure.

Sir Erwynn talks for a few minutes with Raina, then indicates to the group that he would like to add them all to his adventuring party. That meets with approval from all. The gnome then directs a question to the Wizard.

“So, Wizard, will you buy me some strong drink and some food, to keep my strength up?'

Baylan responds in the negative, and then returns to ignoring the gnome. The gnome reads this simple act as an insult. A few more words are exchanged between the two. Baylan the mage then insults the gnome by intimating that he is too short to actually be a man. The gnome is now enraged. He gets up and crosses the room.

Baldric Badspur then informs Baylan that it is, indeed, on. Baldric feels that he has now given ample warning that a bar fight is imminent. Baldric brings up his two fists that are draped with matching brass knuckles. He sizes Baylan up. He wants to hurt the haughty mage to teach him a lesson.

Baylan is a young mage, and cannot cast a spell with an assailant less than a foot from him. He decides that he will strike the gnome with his quarterstaff. Baylan spins and lashes out with the staff, striking the outside of the gnome's right leg.

The SNAP!! sound can be heard outside on the porch of the tavern. The left leg of the gnome is shattered at the knee, and caves in at an unnatural angle. The gnome screams, which tapers into a soundless cry. Baldric then loses consciousness, and crumples to the floor.

The tavern is struck silent by the violent act. Only the half-orc barbarian is not taken aback. He saw it coming. He smiles slightly to himself.

Sir Erwynn runs over and grabs the crumpled gnome, and leaves the tavern. He drapes the gnome over his horse, and takes him to the Barracks. The medics meet him in the practice yard, and take the gnome to the apothecary. Sir Erwynn heads back to the Mottled Halfling.

Raina meets Sir Erwynn and tells him the rest of the team is okay. They all go to their Inn rooms, except for Valyndor. He asks Sir Erwynn to pay the bar tab. There are at least a dozen empty cups on the table. Valyndor hints that maybe the half-orc drank them all. Sir Erwynn pays the tab, and watches a well-sotted bard leave the Mott.

Sir Erwynn and Raina head to the Barracks.


Arid 6, 744 YND

Baylan uses an entire day to cast Find Familiar. At the end of the day, a very intelligent hawk flies down, and bonds with the wizard. Baylan names him Sharpwing, as he is smarter than most people.

Sir Erwynn purchases a very nice bastard sword, as he decides he needs a larger blade. He also inquires as to the health of the gnome. He learns that Baldric's knee is maimed for life. The gnome is a good hand-to-hand combatant, so the Kalamaran baron gave him a job with the military as an assistant combat instructor. Baldric is officially out of the adventuring party.


Arid 7, 744 YND

Sir Erwynn and Raina receive word that Lyanna will meet them in Tiwidu in a few days as business has kept her north.

The entire party leaves that morning through the southern gate of Balekido, on their way to the small but growing hamlet of Tiwidu.